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Alexander Kudriavchenko is one of the few contemporary artists of such a profound and refined artistic technique. Born to a family of a renowned Ukrainian sculptor Heorhiy Kudriavchenko, he studied monumental art and remains driven by the large-scale works since then. Creating frescos for numerous orthodox churches all over Ukraine, he might have felt himself an old masters of Renaissance epoch. And he might have been quite right – his connection with ancient artistic traditions is powerful and inspiring. He himself often brought inspiration from Ukrainian baroque style, which flourished with lush greenery ornaments and symbols. Kudriavchenko, though, does not copy, but inherits and incorporates the tradition. His ornamental motives on canvas are as fine and filigree as also meaningful. White lily is not just a beautiful flower but a symbol of purity and divine nature, a pomegranate that is so vivid and bold in its redness means knowledge and temptation at the time. Thus his works become enigmatic and multilevel messages. They are open for interpretation, only the reader has to be ready to discover the hidden truth beneath simple objects. The way Kudriavchenko deals with colors is also his language: contrasting golden and deep blue, fiery red that almost burns the eyes – his paintings vibrate with color and magnetize the viewer. Each of the canvas tells its story – about the beginning of times when values like truth, beauty and love were not doubted, but existed just at hand, like a pomegranate or a divine child embraced by mother. Above all, the paintings of Oleksandr Kudriavchenko speak of human nature: the artist seems to believe each of us hides a better self deep inside and his works remind of the good and light we all posses. And this is something we can hold on to. "



2017 - 2002 


Artist’s residence grant of Valparaiso Fundación, Mojácar, Spain (2010 and 2018)


Partial Stipend of CeRCCa, Center for Research and Creativity Casamarles, Barcelona, Spain (2011 and 2012)


Prize of “Des Amis du Salon d’Automne” in category of Painting on PARIS SALON D’AUTOMNE 2002, Paris, France (2002)


Ukrainian President Grant for talented youth (2009)




Some EXHIBITIONS and EVENTS of last years


2020 - Solo Exhibition at Embassy of Ukraine in Kingdom Belgium, Brussels


2019 January - Solo exhibition at Think Jazzy Gallery, Antwerpen, Belgie 


2018 June - Solo exhibition at Galerie van Washboard Art & Jazz Café, Antwerpen, Belgie


2018 May - Invited to participate at artist’s residence of Valparaiso Fundación, Mojácar, Spain


2016 June – Solo exhibition Ocean/Alexander Kudriavchenko at Iconart gallery, Lviv, Ukraine


2016 May - Lumshor Art Artist-in-Residence and exhibition, Ukraine


2015 Jan - Iconart Gallery group exhibition “Iconart: Visions of a World Unseen” in The Ukrainian Institute of America, USA


2014 Sep - Group exhibition “Peace in Ukraine - Peace in Europe”/ The art Exhibition of Ukrainian artists under the umbrella of "Kunststrom" in “Villa Herzogenrath”, Germany


2013 – „Reflection by silence and truth’’, Salon Prinzessin Luise, Schloss Eller, Düsseldorf, Germany.


2013 Jan – Solo exhibition at Iconart gallery, Lviv, Ukraine


2012 May - Exhibition of Ukrainian sacral painitings at Cathedral St. Katharina, Willich, Germany 


2011 Sept – Exhibition at Instituto Cervantes de Moscú (Moscow, Russia) – presentation of graphic art-works about Spain


2011 June – Personal exhibition as final of artist-in-residence project at CeRCCa, Jardins de Olokuti Ijwar, Barcelona, Spain


2011 June – Exhibition and workshop of mural painting for art students at Arsenal Escola Municipal d’Art, Villafranca del Penedes, Spain


2010 May– International Biennal ‘’Mediteran 2010’’ / ‘’Mediterranean

2010’’, Split, Croatia


2010 May – Presentation of the encaustic project in the frameworks of artist’s residence grant in Valparaiso Fundación, Mojácar, Spain


2009 – Solo painting exhibition within the Ukrainian President Grant for talented youth


2007 – Exhibition of DEREGUS Award Finalists, Ukrainian National Artists Union, Kiev


2007 – Exhibition “Modern Sacral painting”, University of “Kiev Mogyla Academy”, Kiev, 


2007 – Ukraine Personal exhibition at Perun Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine


2004 – Personal exhibition “Alexander Kudriavchenko” in “CELINE” gallery, Paris, France


2000 - have graduated Ukrainian National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture (UNAFAA), department of monumental painting and temple culture of academician M.A. Storozhenko diploma of specialist (same as Masters Degree at EU)

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